3.5. Stored procedures and additional features

The 3D City Database is shipped with a set of stored procedures referred to as the CITYDB package (formerly known as the GEODB package in v2.x). They are automatically installed during the setup procedure of the 3D City Database. For the Oracle version, it comprises of eight PL/SQL packages. In the PostgreSQL version, functions are written in PL/pgSQL and stored either in their own database schema called ‘citydb_pkg’ or as part of an instance schema like ‘citydb’. Many of these functions and procedures expose certain tasks on the database side to the Importer/Exporter tool. When calling stored procedures, the package name has to be included for the Oracle version. With PostgreSQL, the ‘citydb_pkg’ schema has not to be specified as prefix since it is put on the database search path during setup.


Fig. 3.56 Graphical database client connected to the 3D City Database (left: SQL Developer (Oracle), right: pgAdmin 4 (PostgreSQL)