8.4. 3DCityDB @ M.O.S.S.

M.O.S.S. Computer Grafik Systeme GmbH is a leading provider of geo topographical data management and processing solutions. Within the M.O.S.S. product suite novaFACTORY, the 3D City Database is used since 2011 as the primary storage container for 3D and CityGML based data. M.O.S.S. as an active development partner within the 3D City Database implementation group drives on the technological progress of the 3D City Database. Within the M.O.S.S. customer projects millions of CityGML objects are imported managed and exported by novaFACTORY and the included 3D City Database. One example is the nationwide database for the german LoD1 building product (LOD-DE) which is based on the 3D City Database. novaFACTORY is also used as a 3D platform within different projects concerning renewable energy topics like building heat demand analysis or solar potential assessment.


Fig. 8.3 Example of a 3D building heat demand map for the city of Ludwigsburg created with novaFACTORY 3D within project SimStadt

8.4.1. novaFACTORY at a glance

novaFACTORY is an advanced Spatial Data Management solution for efficient geodata cataloguing, exploitation and dissemination. With novaFACTORY we are leading the way in the full integration of enterprise-wide geospatial data sources which the whole organization can have access to and work from, covering all aspects of

  • Data Import
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Storage and Management
  • Data Processing and Enrichment
  • Data Dissemination

As applications for geodata have grown, so too has the need to efficiently administer them. Many businesses, whether government departments or private companies, are faced with the complex task of managing geospatial data. The challenge is to allow collaboration across the organization in a meaningful way, from a range of sources and formats located throughout their enterprise.

novaFACTORY is the solution to this challenge. It brings geodata together and eliminates barriers to spatial data usability by automatically uniting disparate data and combining them into one spatial database. novaFACTORY is designed for seamlessly integrating large geographical data sets from many different sources, e.g. topographic maps, digital surface models, aerial photographs or 3D building models.

Within novaFACTORY the module 3D GDI is where the 3D City Database comes into the action.


Fig. 8.4 novaFACTORY 3D overview and workflow. 3D data management based on 3D City Database

8.4.2. novaFACTORY 3D GDI

The novaFACTORY 3D GDI module is designed for handling and serving 3D city models in CityGML format. It enables the RDBMS based seamless storage and dissemination of 3D city models as well as setting up web services using them. The data is kept within the 3D City Database and can be automatically transferred into an ArcGIS® Geodatabase.

As with all novaFACTORY modules data can be disseminated via an intuitive web interface and via any workstation, in alternatively formats, e.g. CityGML, KML/COLLADA, VRML, 3D Shape, 3D PDF and 3D DXF. Depending on which kind of format is chosen different export parameters can be opted for showing specific object data.

Additional benefit is gained by automatically enhancing the 3D building data. The novaFACTORY 3D GDI module offers a fully integrated solar potential analysis during the export, targeted at the area of interest. 3D data can be visualized directly. Appropriate ArcGIS presentation rules will be generated automatically during the export.

The novaFACTORY 3D GDI module works best in cooperation with the novaFACTORY 3D Pro module for automatic recognition of building roofs from photogrammetric raw data. This raw data will be supplied automatically and the 3D City Database will be updated automatically when production data are approved.