7.1. System requirementsΒΆ

The 3D City Database WFS is implemented as Java web application based on the Java Servlet technology. It therefore must be run in a Java servlet container on a web server. The following minimum software requirements have to be met:

  • Java servlet container supporting the Java Servlet 3.1 / 3.0 (or higher) specification
  • Java 8 Runtime Environment (Java 7 or earlier versions are not supported)
  • 3D City Database version 3.1 (or higher)

The WFS implementation has been successfully deployed and tested on Apache Tomcat 9 (http://tomcat.apache.org/). This is also the recommended servlet container. Apache Tomcat 8 is also supported. All previous versions of the Apache Tomcat server have reached end of life and are not supported anymore.


You cannot directly deploy the 3DCityDB WFS on an Apache Tomcat 10 server as this requires Jakarta EE 9 support. If you stil want to use Tomcat 10, you can however automatically convert the WAR file of the WFS so it runs on Tomcat 10. Simply use the open source migration tool for this purpose.


Neither Java nor a servlet container are part of the WFS distribution package and therefore must be properly installed and configured before deploying the WFS. Please refer to the documentation of your favorite servlet container for more information.

Hardware requirements for the web server running the WFS depend on the intended use and number of concurrent accesses. There are no minimum requirements to be met, so make sure your system setup meets your needs.

Access to the individual operations of the WFS service can be secured using IP- and token-based access control rules. Further security mechanisms are not offered by the WFS. So, it is your responsibility as service provider to take any reasonable physical, technical and administrative measures to secure the WFS service and the access to the 3D City Database.

WFS clients connecting to the WFS interface of the 3D City Database must support the OGC WFS standard version 2.0. Moreover, they must be capable of consuming 3D data encoded in CityGML or CityJSON, which is delivered by the WFS server.