4.9.8. Environment variables

In addition to the command line options for defining the database connection details, the CLI also supports the following environment variables for this purpose.


The type of the 3DCityDB to connect to (default: postgresql).

CITYDB_HOST=<hostname or ip>

Name of the host or IP address on which the 3DCityDB is running.


Port of the 3DCityDB to connect to (default: 5432 for PostgreSQL, 1521 for Oracle).


Name of the 3DCityDB database to connect to.


Schema to use when connecting to the 3DCityDB (default: citydb for PostgreSQL, username for Oracle).


Username to use when connecting to the 3DCityDB.


Password to use when connecting to the 3DCityDB.

The environment variables can be used instead of or together with the command line options. For example, instead of providing the password for connecting to the database as clear text on the command line using the --db-password option, you could store it in the CITYDB_PASSWORD variable. The following snippet illustrates this example for a UNIX/Linux system, where the export command is used for setting environment variables. Use the set command under Windows instead.

$ export CITYDB_PASSWORD=my_password
$ impexp export -H localhost -d citydb_v4 -u citydb_user -o my_city.gml


The command line options always take precedence. For example, if you additionally provide the password using the --db-password in the above example, the value of the CITYDB_PASSWORD variable will be ignored. The environment variables are always ignored when running the Importer/Exporter in GUI mode.


The environment variables can also be used to configure the database connection when running the Importer/Exporter as Docker container or when using the Web Feature Service (dockerized or not).