4.9.7. GUI command


impexp gui [-hV] [--no-splash] [--ade-extensions=<folder>] [-c=<file>]
           [--log-file=<file>] [--log-level=<level>] [--pid-file=<file>]
           [--plugins=<folder>] [--use-plugin=<plugin[=true|false]>[,
           <plugin[=true|false]>...]]... [@<filename>...]


The only purpose of the gui command is to launch the graphical user interface of the Importer/Exporter. In contrast to the start script 3DCityDB-Importer-Exporter provided in the installation directory, you can use the global and command-specific options in the launch process, for instance, to load a specific config file.



Hide the Importer/Exporter splash screen during startup.


$ impexp gui -c /path/to/my_config.xml \
             --no-splash --log-level=debug \

Launch the GUI of the Importer/Exporter and do not show the splash screen during startup. The settings are loaded from the config file my_config.xml instead of the default config file. Moreover, the log level debug is used and plugins are searched for in the folder /my/plugins/folder/ rather than in the plugins folder within the installation directory.