5.3. ADE Manager PluginΒΆ


This is the documentation of the ADE Manager Plugin version 2.2.

The ADE Manager plugin allows you to dynamically extend a 3D City Database instance to be able to store and manage CityGML Application Domain Extension (ADE) data in the database. The plugin uses the open source Attributed Graph Grammar (AGG) transformation engine to automatically transform an XML Schema definition (XSD) of a given CityGML ADE to a compact relational database schema (including tables, indexes, constraints, etc.) that seamlessly integrates with the 3DCityDB schema.

In addition, an XML-based schema mapping file is generated by the plugin containing metadata about the derived database schema as well as the explicit mapping between the source and the target schema. Based on the relational schema for the CityGML ADE and the derived schema mapping file, developers can implement applications for managing and processing the ADE data stored in a 3DCityDB instance.

The ADE Manager plugin provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that is added as ADE Manager operation tab to the GUI of the Importer/Exporter. The following sections cover the installation and use of the plugin.