5.2. Spreadsheet Generator PluginΒΆ


This is the documentation of the Spreadsheet Generator Plugin version 4.2.

The Spreadsheet Generator plugin allows you to export attribute data of the city objects stored in the 3D City Database in tabular form as comma-separated values (CSV) or Microsoft Excel (XLSX) file. The tabular data can be loaded with typical spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc for further processing or uploaded to online spreadsheet services such as Google Docs. In the latter case, the attributes can be accessed, for instance, from web-based viewers to show or even modify them when interacting with the city objects. As for example, the 3D Web Map Client shipped with the 3D City Database can be easily linked to online spreadsheets that have been created with this plugin (see Section 6 for more information).

The Spreadsheet Generator plugin provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that is added as Table Export operation tab to the GUI of the Importer/Exporter. The plugin can also be used on the command line. For this purpose, it adds the command export-table to the command-line interface (CLI) of the Importer/Exporter. The following sections cover the installation and use of the plugin.


The Spreadsheet Generator plugin also supports exporting attributes of features defined in a CityGML ADE. For this purpose, a corresponding ADE extension must have been registered with the 3D City Database and the Importer/Exporter.