5.2.1. Installation

The Spreadsheet Generator plugin is packaged with the Importer/Exporter installer. When using the GUI-based setup wizard for installation (see Section 1.2.1), you can simply select the plugin from the list of available software packages as shown below.


Fig. 5.1 Installation wizard of the Importer/Exporter tool.

If you have not installed the plugin together with the Importer/Exporter, it is also possible to install it at any later time with the following steps:

  1. Download the Spreadsheet Generator plugin as ZIP file from the official 3D City Database website at https://www.3dcitydb.org or from the releases section of the GitHub repository used for maintaining the plugin at https://github.com/3dcitydb/plugin-spreadsheet-generator.


    Make sure the version of the Spreadsheet Generator plugin that you want to download can be used together with the version of your Importer/Exporter installation.

  2. Open the plugins folder within the installation directory of your Importer/Exporter and unzip the ZIP file of the Spreadsheet Generator plugin there. If the plugins folder does not exist, then create it first. After unzipping, a new subfolder plugin-spreadsheet-generator should have been created containing all files required by the plugin.

  3. Run the Importer/Exporter. The Spreadsheet Generator plugin should be automatically detected and loaded.

If you have successfully installed the plugin, the Table Export operation tab is available on the operations window of the Importer/Exporter as illustrated below. In addition, the command export-table is added to the command-line interface of the Importer/Exporter.


Fig. 5.2 The “Table Export” operation tab of the Spreadsheet Generator plugin.