4. Importer/ExporterΒΆ


This is the documentation of the Importer/Exporter version 5.4.

The Importer/Exporter tool is a Java-based client for the 3D City Database and allows for high-performance loading and extracting 3D city model data.

It offers a graphical user interface (GUI) for convenient use on desktop computers by end-users. And it can also be run without a GUI via its command-line interface (CLI). The CLI is useful on headless systems or to embed the Importer/Exporter in batch processing workflows and third-party applications.

This chapter explains the functionality and use of the Importer/Exporter along the GUI of the tool. Section 4.9 is then dedicated to a discussion of the CLI. For system requirements and a documentation of the installation procedure, please refer to Section 1.1 .


The Importer/Exporter also serves as reference implementation for the 3D City Database. So, if you wonder how to correctly populate the database tables, it is recommended to create simple example datasets in CityGML or CityJSON format and to load them into the database using the Importer/Exporter. Afterwards, you can inspect how the data is represented in the 3D City Database schema.