3.5.1. User-defined data typesΒΆ

The Oracle version defines a set of user-defined data types that are used by functions from the PL/SQL packages. They are not necessary in PostgreSQL, because of how it deals with arrays and returns of multiple variables.

  • STRARRAY, a nested table of the data type VARCHAR2
  • ID_ARRAY, a nested table of the data type NUMBER
  • DB_VERSION_OBJ, an object that bundles version information of the installed 3D City Database instance
  • DB_VERSION_TABLE, a nested table of DB_VERSION_OBJ
  • DB_INFO_OBJ, an object that bundles metadata of the used reference system
  • DB_INFO_TABLE, a nested table of DB_INFO_OBJ

The definition of the data types can be found in the SQL file for the CITYDB_UTIL package.