3.6. PreferencesΒΆ

In addition to the settings on the Import, Export, KML/COLLADA/glTF Export and Database tabs of the operations window, more preferences affecting the separate operations of the Importer/Exporter are available on the Preferences tab shown below.


Fig. 3.25 The preferences dialog

The preferences are structured in a tree view [1] on the left side of the dialog with the following main nodes:

Below these main nodes, further subnodes organize the preferences into separate topics. When selecting a node in the tree view, the associated settings dialog is displayed on the right side [2]. Changes made to the settings of the selected node are applied through the Apply button [3]. The buttons Restore and Default allow for resetting the preferences to their previous state or to their default values.

The preferences (including the settings on the separate operation tabs) are automatically stored in the config file of the Importer/Exporter and are restored from this file upon program start. Thus, changes made to the preferences are remembered on restart. Via the Project menu available from the menu bar of the Importer/Exporter, the preferences can optionally be stored in or loaded from user-defined config files (cf. Section 3.1).